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國際處 Office of International Affairs


International Affairs and Accreditation is responsible for applying for and maintaining international certification related matters. It will introduce the standards and specifications of the certification bodies into the school mission planning and strategy management, and serve as a bridge between the school and the international certification bodies. This allows academic exchange, other forms of cooperation, and the integration of resources between schools. It also contributes to our long term goals and curriculum design matching with the international pedagogy and standards.

Main Duty

  • International Certification
    The main duty of the Center is to serve as a bridge between CTBC’s institutions and internationally accredited bodies. We are committed to making our school's operations, curriculum planning, assessment design and teaching objectives consistent with our mission and objectives, and aim to pass certification exams.

  • International Enrollment
    We develop strategies to meet the recruitment needs of different countries, establish interactive relationships with target schools, and participate in international and local higher education exhibitions to increase international visibility.

  • International Exchange
    In line with the internationalization of higher education, we will actively expand the exchange and cooperation with internationally renowned universities and academic research institutions. Also, we help our teachers and students to participate in international academic conferences to expand our international outlook.

  • International Team
    We aim at promoting students’ ability to communicate in both English and Japanese, assisting in the promotion of short and medium-term overseas language and cultural experience camps, and enhancing students' international cultural and language skills.