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國際處 Office of International Affairs

10802-05 AACSB Committee Conference

Meeting Information

Objective: Discuss about EA draft of Part II

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Time: 4:00 pm


 Chin Che Cheng – Provost

 Yen Ruo Jiang – Dean, Office of Student Affairs

 Wen Cheng Hu – Dean, Office of Research & Development

 Ying Fang Hsu – Director, Office of Personnel

 Victoria – Director, International Affairs and Accreditation

 Wilson – Manager, Accreditation Project

 Ada – Coordinator, International Affairs and Accreditation

 Janice – Coordinator, International Affairs and Accreditation


 Dean and Director Discussed about EA draft of Part II

    1. Edition needed for the draft

  • Add postgraduate entrance system, and number of college or universities that offer postgraduate programs in Taiwan, and the number of graduates for 2020 once available in June
  • CTBC is the youngest college
  • According to a survey conducted by 1111 Job Bank (one of the most popular job hunting websites) to Taiwan enterprises, CTBC is being recognized as one of the schools that cultivated the ‘Most Favored College Graduates”
  • Despite the low birth rate and its defeating impact on the number of college enrollment, CTBC has an impressive growth in admission quota approved by MOE every year since 2015
  • CTBC continuously established new degree programs approved by MOE since 2015
  • CTBC has two stable financial supports, private funding from CTBC Financial Holding Group, and funding by the Ministry of Education

Other Notes & Information

●   The IAA team will meet again for questions in Part III.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45

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