CTBC Business School 110 Academic year Five-year Double Bachelor and Master Degrees Program Application

1. Eligibility:  CTBC junior year students
2. Deadline:  Submit now until July 31, 2021
3. Intended Programs and Quotas: Graduate School of Financial Management (15)、Graduate School of Law Studies (7), and  the Graduate School of Technology in Finance (7)
4. Requirements: Students must have completed at least two years of study with distinguished academic performance
5. Application: Fill out the DMBD Application Form and submit it to your current program of study. Fill out the online application and upload the required documents including personal statement, study plan and other supporting documents. 
6. Paper Documentations: Once uploaded all the documents in digital format, students must print out one hard copy of each document and submit along with DBMD Application Form and transcript of past studies at the School.
7. Admission Result Announcement: August 13th, 2021
8. The benefits of Pre-Master Status CTBC Graduate Programs
       (1)One-year fast track: Students can study undergraduate and postgraduate coursework at the same time at  
            fourth year of college and then graduate with a Master’s degree after fifth year of study
       (2)Advantages for Employment
           (a) Part of the teaching faculty of postgraduate programs are  senior executives from CTBC Financial 
                 Holding Students with distinguished performance will have the opportunity to be recognized by these 
                 high-level executives and managers.
           (b) Studying with current CTBC Financial Holding employees and supervisors who are current students of 
                 postgraduate programs. 
           (c) Master’s degree is an eligibility requirement for Management Associates
           (d) Eligible to apply for full tuition waiver of “Big Data and FinTech Talent Cultivation Scholarship”.
9. After being approved as Pre-Master status, candidates must complete current undergraduate degree program by the end of the eighth semester at the latest, and complete the official admission procedure of the intended postgraduate program afterwards in order to enroll as official postgraduate students. Candidates must comply with all the admission requirements and registration procedures, and enrollment regulations.

**Must log in with your CTBC email account.