International Travel during the Ongoing COVID-19 Situation

For the foreseeable future, the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact the safety and feasibility of international travel. At the moment, all school-related international travel remains restricted, and personal travel is not supported by CTBC.

All faculty and students are responsible for their own safety when traveling internationally for personal purposes. The School strongly encourages all members of the School community who are contemplating travel abroad for educational or other purposes to review thoroughly and to familiarize themselves with the political, health, crime, and other safety-related conditions prevailing in any country and specific locations within it. It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware and to stay informed of any changes in the status of their planned destination.

What steps must potential travelers follow?

We recommend following these steps as near departure as possible while allowing time to complete them all. Travel restrictions and advice change often.

Step 1. Check CDC

Verify the CDC’s Travel Health Notices for your destination and carefully read key information and travel recommendations on the country profile page.

Step 2. Check Entrance Restrictions

  • Verify that you are aware of, able, and willing to comply with all quarantine, testing, vaccination, and other requirements of your destination, transportation providers, and partner organizations and still accomplish the purpose of travel.
  • This information changes often and can impact your ability to enter the destination, depart, and reenter Taiwan.  It is your responsibility to stay informed of the most current information up to and throughout your travel. CTBC cannot assist travelers stranded or unable to travel due to government regulations.
  • In line with current regulations, upon returning to Taiwan a negative PCR test report from within 3 days of boarding must be provided. Remember to book an appointment for the test at a relevant hospital in your home country.

Step 3. Confirm the validity of your ARC

  • Only faculty and students with a valid ARC will be permitted to enter Taiwan; those whose ARC has expired will be refused entry.
  • If your ARC expires on September 30, for example, you must prepare the relevant documents a month before the expiry date
    and apply online for an ARC extension. Please make sure that you have in fact filed an online application.
  • After completing the online application and fulfilling home quarantine requirements, you may collect your new card at the Immigration Office.

Step 4. Complete and submit the Travel Preparation Worksheet and Waiver


Please refer to the enclosed document under this announcement.